Ready to Ride?

Packages to fit everyone’s needs

Jet Setter

Starting as low as $449/month

UNLIMITED use of our entire fleet of boats and watercrafts

  • Get either 1 boat or 2 jetskis per reservation.
  • Our most popular and versatile JetRide package
  • Access to over 20 different models of boats and jet skis


Starting as low as $299/month

Unlimited use of Yamaha GP1800,  VXR FX, FX SVHO, & EX Deluxe jet ski models

  • These skis hold up to 3 people, so enjoy with the whole family.
  • Ride in comfort with extra storage and cupholders.
  • Easiest way to get out on the water alone or with friends

$1,000 Off Initiation Fee

Best pricing in the industry

Get a low price-point entry into either of our unlimited use packages

  • Enjoy the JetRide lifestyle with very little money upfront
  • Two year contract with low monthly payments
  • Pricing flexibility available nowhere else in the boat/jetski industry